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Imagine your calendar regularly added appointments automatically with qualified suspects who are interested in your specialty areas. That’s my service in a nutshell.

My trademarked Digital Referral System® provides a new stream of referrals that reach out to book appointments with you. It is, without a doubt, the easiest way you will ever generate new clients. When put in place, you have a steady stream of qualified suspect meetings booked for you automatically. Every month. Month after month.

I work exclusively with Financial Advisors. I understand your products, your markets and your opportunities. If you are not using Digital Referrals to your advantage today, you are simply missing out on huge opportunity.

Are you frustrated because you aren’t seeing the kind of growth in your practice that you want? Are you steamed watching “the other guys” grow their practices while yours stagnates? Do you have a great team, ready to service customers, but you just aren’t seeing the deal flow you need?


If you’re still reading, you’d probably gain from a strategy session with me. During this consultation I help you evaluate your current situation, review your growth goals, and discuss how to bridge that gap:


I’m Philip Meese and I founded one of New York’s premier technology consulting companies, Mercury Technologies. Mercury’s only clients were the top ten banking institutions in the world. After Mercury was acquired by a publicly traded company,  I moved into digital marketing, where I’ve delivered global digital marketing solutions to the worlds largest banks and media organizations.

I’ve now brought this experience to the Financial Advisor community where I help Advisors to grow their practice by implementing a proven digital marketing system. I’m passionate about helping financial advisors build their practice by harnessing the promise of the digital paradigm.

I find the best fit for our services is with seasoned Financial Advisors who deliver real value to their clients and their families, but lack the business growth they want. I am only able to take on a few new clients each year, but if you feel you may be a good fit, please reach out to schedule a preliminary chat.


What’s Wrong With Personal Referrals?

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In early conversations with my advisors, I always ask, “What’s your strategy for finding new clients right now?” The vast majority point to personal referrals. For seasoned advisors, passive referrals from existing clients can be a good source of new […]

Where does digital marketing fit in to your plan?

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MIA, really? Many financial advisors I speak with have absolutely no marketing going on in the digital space. They are relying almost exclusively on traditional methods like referrals  and organic outreach. Don’t get me wrong – I know referrals  can be […]

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